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To arrange a viewing on any of our properties, please contact the relevant office to the property and we will endeavour to book a viewing at your earliest convenience.
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Scurfield Road, TS19

Scurfield Road, TS19

Price 70,000 - Sold (STC)
3 Bedrooms. A great property if your looking for a project. Mo...
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Carburt Road, TS19

Carburt Road, TS19

Price 80,000 - Sold (STC)
3 Bedrooms. A great location for access to North Tees Hospital...
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Our kind appreciation on prompt and helpful information on the sale of our property.
Mr & Mrs G
Thanks for all your help and support over the last few months with helping us buy our new home.
S and S

Thank you for all your guidance and expertise in dealing with J’s property…

Mrs F

Thank you for your time and … basically doing everything you could to help us with our move

Mr L & Miss L