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Donít be a dec Ė the dos and doníts of Christmas decorations

Festive films are on every TV channel, trees and tinsel have overtaken household items on supermarket shelves, and every other house on the street has an inflatable Santa Claus on the driveway Ė thatís right, Christmas is almost here.

Whether youíre an eager early-November decorator, or a leave-until-Christmas-Eve late bloomer, for every good Christmas decorating idea out there, thereís an equally bad one. Here are our top dos and doníts to make your house the envy of the streetÖ

Do choose a theme that suits your home and your style. Some people love glitz and glam, while others prefer a more minimalist approach in their style Ė the worst thing you can try to do is force yourself to try the opposite for the sake of a few weeks of the year.

Donít forget to include traditions. You may feel a strong desire to buy new, modern decorations and follow the latest trends, but donít cast aside your traditional, treasured pieces. Whether itís a bauble from your grandparentís tree or decorations made by the kids, these will bring much more meaning than the latest must-have trinkets.

Do think about the little things. Itís not all about the tree Ė small touches like festive cushions, Christmassy candles, and ornaments can really enhance your dťcor.

Donít stop with the living room. Christmas only comes around once a year Ė make the most of it! You donít have to go overboard but spreading those little trinkets and extra additions we mentioned above throughout your home can bring some festive cheer to every room.

Do give DIY a try. You donít have to spend a fortune to deck your home and, as we discussed earlier, the items with the most meaning often look the best. Why not spend time as a family and give lollipop stick snowflakes, pipe cleaner candy canes or a seasonal pine cone tree a go?

Donít overcrowd your front door. While it might be tempting to cover the front of your home in Christmas regalia, too much can detract from the overall aesthetic. Plus, itís very frustrating to have to battle through plants, wreaths and the link when youíre trying to get out of the cold weather!

Do have fun! As Andy Williams once sang, itís the most wonderful time of the year Ė donít let the stress of decorating overshadow it!

Every decorating style and theme is personal so why not spend some time taking a walk around your neighbourhood to see what everyone else has gone for?

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