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Top tips for working from home long term

As life in the UK slowly returns to some form of normality, many workplaces are returning to the office. Others, however, have decided to opt for a more flexible working pattern, or even ditch the office completely, and stay working from home.

There are some perks to working from home - no commuting, more time to spend with family, better work-life balance - but feeling stress, loneliness, anxiety and boredom is also completely normal.

If you’re set to work from home permanently, or at least for the long haul, we’ve put together some of our top tips to ensure you stay productive, comfortable and take care of your mental health.

Work from an actual sitting area

Even though your home has become your office, you still need work-life balance. One way of ensuring you do this is by working in an actual sitting area - not in your bed or on a sofa. It may be tempting to curl up and pass the time with This Morning playing in the background, but in the long run it isn’t good for you or your posture.

If you don’t have an office in your house, the dining table is usually a good option, as during the daytime this area will most likely be free.

Though be warned – you’ll need strong willpower to resist temptation snacking all day with the fridge in easy reach!

Stick to a routine

It is crucial that you try to wake up and go to bed at a similar time to if you were going into work. Staying consistent is key to ensuring you feel ‘normal’.

It can be very easy to want to stay comfy, however getting a shower and changing out of pyjamas is still the best way to kickstart your day – even if you do stick to loungewear or comfy clothes!

Most importantly, when your working day finishes, turn your computer off and focus on your home life.

Maintain good posture

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a home office, but even if your workstation is the kitchen table, you can reduce your risk of back pain and minimise strain by having your back supported by a chair.

Our other top tips to stay comfy include keeping your computer at eye level to make sure your neck is level and not tilted and resting your feet on the floor to avoid posture related problems.

Take regular breaks

As you would in the office, it is crucial you take breaks away from your screen – sitting in the same place for eight hours isn’t good for your body. Whether it’s getting a drink or having a walk on your lunch break, your body will thank you for moving round and giving your muscles a chance to relax. In fact, frequent short breaks are more beneficial than one long break.

We hope these top tips help you if you are working from home full time – if you have any others to share, head on over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and let us know!

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