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How to keep your house cool in hot weather

The UK has been experiencing heatwaves recently – making it extremely uncomfortable to sleep at night, and generally making us feel hot and bothered indoors at home.

July 21st was the hottest day of the year in the UK so far as it hit temperatures of 32 degrees, and as temperatures continue to soar, getting to sleep can be unbearable.

So with more hot weather on the way (*crosses fingers*) we have put together a list to try to keep your house cool while you try to get a good night’s sleep.

Keep your curtains closed throughout the day
If the curtains/blinds are open throughout the day and the sun is blaring in, this can increase the temperature of your home.
Keep them closed throughout the day, so they can absorb the heat. Blinds in particular can reflect a substantial amount of heat through windows.

Use a cold water bottle
The opposite of a hot water bottle…
Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and pop it in the freezer, take it out before bed and enjoy the reverse effect of a hot water bottle. Simple, yet effective.

Showering before bed
Having a cold shower before you get into bed could help to reduce your temperature and help you get into a deep snooze before your temperature starts to rise again.

Sleep in pyjamas
It may feel tempting to strip off your clothes, however it is a proven better option to wear cotton pyjamas to help your skin breathe and to soak up any sweat.

Turn unused technical apparatus off
Electrical appliances can give off a surprising amount of heat, especially gadgets when charging or the TV being on for several hours.
If possible, try and leave lights off – light bulbs conduct heat as well as light, and a naturally-lit home tends to be cooler.

Avoid cooking hot meals
It’s common sense, but cooking hot meals creates heat within your home by using your oven, hob and appliances. Try eating cold meals such as sandwiches and salads to keep temperatures within your house to a minimum – and cuts down on the washing up!

We hope that this list helps you to cool your house down, but hey, let’s not moan, we don’t get weather like this often so enjoy it while you can!
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