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How to prepare your garden for Autumn/Winter

Whether youíre getting rid of dead vegetation left over from Summer or tidying up borders, Autumn is the perfect time to give your garden a bit of love and a tidy before the arrival of Winter.

Here are our top tips to make the most of yours this seasonÖ

1. Clear away furniture
You may have had a great Summer having BBQs in your garden with family and friends on your patio furniture, however now is the time to cover and store away furniture, firepits and any other accessories that could be prone to damage to protect from the cold weather.

2. Tidy up the borders
To ensure a vibrant display next Spring, dig up annuals and plant your beds with pansies, bellis daisies and wallflowers - attractive seed heads are great for insects and also look mesmerising covered in dew.

Spread compost, stones or bark chips around the border, but donít worry about digging it in Ė thatís what worms are there for!

3. Take care of the lawn
Give your lawn a cut before the cold, wet weather starts. Keep your eyes out for weeds and clear away fallen leaves too, to prevent rotting.

Remember to keep looking after your grass, especially if brown patches can be seen, as during a dry Winter, it will still need watering.

4. Maintain garden equipment
Wash all equipment such as spades and forks but ensure you dry them thoroughly to prevent rust. Shears and secateurs need sharpening Ė do this yourself or send them away if you prefer. Wooden handles can be cleaned and protected with linseed oil.

5. Donít forget about the animals
In Winter more than ever, animals need food as it can be hard for them to find during the cold weather.

Birds in particular require high-fat foods during the cold period to maintain their fat reserves to survive the frosty nights.

Now your garden is clean, tidy and prepared for the Winter. Not only will the view from your house be so much more pleasant, but youíll also have a head start when Spring arrives.

And since thatís taken care of, itís time to dig out the movies and have a well-deserved mug of hot chocolate!

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