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How to save money on your bills this Winter

With temperatures falling and the nights drawing in, Winter can be a big drain on your finances.

Between covering the cost of the festive season and the sharp increase in fuel bills, outgoings can soon add up.

We all have to pay for the energy that we use, and let's face it, every saving helps at this time of year.

Here we share our tips to help you save as much as possible on your bills this Winter…

Insulate your home on a budget

While some energy efficiency upgrades need professional installation, there are other quick and cost-effective DIY ways to insulate your home, such as:

• Make sure your loft insulation is up to scratch
• Install draught proofing
• Insulate hot water pipes and tanks
• Fit secondary glazing

If you live somewhere with single-glazed windows you’ll know that these can often be draughty and cold. You can help stop this, save money and keep warm with double glazing film. This is a budget-friendly way to create your own double glazing by placing a layer of plastic film on the window frames and using a hairdryer to smooth out any wrinkles.

You can buy window film kits for around £5 – £10 which is a bargain compared to full double glazing.

Using thick, thermal curtains or wooden shutters is another excellent way to keep heat in the room and they are widely available in modern and contemporary designs, so there is no compromise on style.

Drawing curtains at dusk or closing window shutters is the best way to prevent heat escaping from the windows.

Compare energy suppliers

If it’s been a while since you last reviewed your energy costs, there’s a good chance you could save money by changing provider.

According to uSwitch, people who switched gas and electricity providers saved an average of £216 per year.
If you have already switched energy supplier here are some other ways you can save on energy:

• Sometimes energy companies add extra charges for paper bills. By managing your bills online instead, you can save money.
• Making payments by Direct Debit can help you save as charges can be added during the time it takes to receive your bill and make the payment.
• Check with your supplier that you are on their cheapest tariff.

Use energy saving tricks

There are plenty of simple things you can do to cut how much energy you use and save money on your bills, including:

• Wear extra layers instead of turning the heating up.
• Time your heating for when you get up and for a couple of hours in the evening.
• Turn down your thermostat by one degree (it can reduce your heating bill by 10%).
• Turn off heaters in rooms you aren’t using and shut the door.
• Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby.
• Match the saucepan size to the hob ring (otherwise, you're paying to heat the air).
• Wash your clothes at 30 degrees

Make the change to energy saving lightbulbs

The lights in your house will tend to be on much longer over the winter months, therefore it’s worthwhile making sure you are using energy saving light bulbs.

As well as having a much longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs, energy savings bulbs also have a positive impact on the environment.

According to, homes using energy saving LED bulbs pay around £146 each year to run them, whereas those using traditional halogen bulbs spend £378. This means that switching could save you around £232 a year!

We hope this blog has helped you generate some ideas on how you can save money on your bills this Winter. For more property tips and tricks keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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