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Keeping your house viewing ready throughout Winter

Thinking of selling your home this Winter? Itís a great time of year to do so, with lots of potential buyers eager to get the deal done.

Youíll need to consider a few things if you want your property sale to be successful during this time of year. We are sharing our top tips for selling your home this season, so you wonít get caught outÖ

Have a thorough clean inside and out

Summer and Autumn have probably seen lots of comings and goings bringing in dirt from outside, or the change of seasons may have meant the shoe pile in the doorway has grown bigger than ever.

No matter the time of year, always ensure your property is clean before each viewing. A good quality polish or cleaning spray appeals more than anything with harsh smelling chemicals such as bleach.

De-clutter and remove any bulky items, excess furniture, toys and equipment and store out of sight. Bulky items will impact on a potential purchaserís concept of space available in the property, which you want to avoid.

Make your home warm, cosy and inviting

Always put your heating on so that the property is warm before each viewing Ė you donít want viewers to feel like your property is cold or unwelcoming!

Put on any fires, or even some candles work well too, particularly at this time of year.

Remember, buying a property is an emotional and not a rational process, so it is important your viewers feel welcome, relaxed, warm and Ďat homeí, so they can picture themselves living there.

Think about lighting

Properties are best viewed during the daytime. However, as the days get shorter and gloomier, itís important to consider how you can make your property look light and bright if the dark nights are drawing in.

Putting the lights on will make a huge difference and help to give the house some ambience.

Energy saving light bulbs are brilliant but ensure they are bright enough to make the room shine. If not, consider investing in some brighter ones for viewings. You can always switch them back afterwards. If you are using energy saving bulbs, switch them on with plenty of time before a viewing so theyíve had a chance brighten.

Think about where to place lamps in key rooms to add atmosphere. Whiter lights are best for big bright rooms but a more yellow tone can be great for smaller, cosier rooms such as bedrooms.

Ensure all blinds and curtains are fully open and windows are clean to let in as much natural light as you can.

Donít forget kerb appeal

Make sure to sweep fallen leaves from your front and back garden and pathway just before your viewing starts. This will ensure the viewer gets a real sense of the space, and the leaves do not obstruct the entrance into the property.

There are also still some great Winter flowers that bloom for a long time in this season such as Snowdrops and Christmas roses if you have the space to decorate - you can also place these in pots at your front door to help brighten the property.

If gardening isnít your thing, most garden centres sell pot displays ready to go, that you can purchase to make instant impact. If you have a side passage or hidden area in the garden, donít forget to keep this clean and clear. Potential buyers will be looking at every part of the property!

It can be difficult to show off the best features of a property in poor weather or on days where it is dark by mid-afternoon, but by following our tips and tricks, you can ensure you will create a warm and inviting atmosphere to improve saleability during the Winter.

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