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Ultimate Christmas list for first-time buyers

Buying a house is a huge milestone, and one to celebrate with a gift or two. But with so much on offer, and, often, so much needed by first-time buyers, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to purchasing something they’ll both need and want.

To make the gifting process easier for you, we have put together some of our top presents to give to a new homeowner this Christmas…

Tool kit
Let’s be honest, at least one of the buyers will need a tool kit to take care of the DIY in the house.

A tool kit goes along way, especially if it includes multiple sized wrenches and sockets, a level, hammer, tape measure, pliers and more, including everything they’ll need for a basic kit that can handle most jobs.


Whether it’s a plain pattern, something short and sweet or even a funny design, there will be a doormat for everyone and it’s a great housewarming present to give.

Serving trays
Being versatile, a serving tray is an amazing present to give a new homeowner, as it can be used for entertaining and providing drinks, or simply to relax on the sofa, eating dinner whilst binging the latest Netflix series.

Again, plenty of choice on colour schemes and materials and an essential in any home for any occasion.

Knife set
A knife set is ideal for a new property owner as it'll allow them to get cracking in the kitchen immediately. Plus, you might even be lucky enough to sample any of the recipes they whip up using them.

Make sure to find out what colour scheme they are going for in the kitchen though, as you don’t want it to clash against any other accessories.

An engraved chopping board
You can now buy engraved wooden chopping boards online, perfect for new homeowners.

Add names and the date that they moved into their new digs to make the item personalised for them only – a perfect keepsake to treasure in their new home.

You can’t go wrong with a chopping board – they are used for almost every dish!

Smelly items
From candles to diffusers, everyone loves a fresh smelling scent - and you can never have too many, right?!

If you’re really struggling what to buy a new property owner for Christmas, something smelly is a great choice and addition to any home.

Not sure what scent to go for? Try a fresh linen candle or diffuser, a calming smell which is very likely to be enjoyed.

Bath tray
As well as being more stylish than balancing bath products on the corner of the tub, many of the best bath trays or caddies now come with a dedicated area to rest an iPad, book and phone, and some even have a holder for a well-deserved glass of wine at the end of a long day.

No matter the style of the home or size of the tub, there are many types of bath trays that will fit seamlessly into the allocated space.

Also, this is something the homeowners probably wouldn’t buy themselves.

If the new buyers like living in an ‘old fashioned’ world, then why not gift them the present of a cookbook.

There are thousands out there for every culinary dish - vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sushi and soup, to name a few - and they are always a great cupboard filler.

A personalised throw and cushion set
Celebrate their major milestone with a personalised, machine-washable throw pillow, which has space to add names and the date they moved into their new home.

This is a must have accessory to cuddle up with on the sofa on Christmas day and throughout Winter.

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration for gifts for a first-time buyer you know, now that’s all left to do is go shopping before the big day!

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