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How to be a garden host this Summer

Now the warmer weather is approaching, you may be planning to invite friends and family round to enjoy time in the sun.

Before inviting guests round you might want to make sure your garden is in tip-top shape, so weíve put some of our tips together to help you be the ultimate host this SummerÖ

Tidy your garden
First things first, before guests come round you need to get your garden to look the part.

Remove dead heads from any flowers, cut the grass, de-weed the patio and hide away any toys or gardening tools in the shed. Having a tidy area to decorate will allow you to see the space in a clearer light and allow for more room for everyone.

Pick a theme and work out numbers
Now youíve tidied your garden, itís time to decide on a theme for the event and to let guests know.

Are you planning a simple family BBQ or having a no-kids night with drinks?

Think about the audience that will be attending and provide plenty of things for them to do, if children will be coming ensure you have age-appropriate food and drinks on hand. You could also organise activities like face painting or a quiz.

If itís a daytime party, people are likely to be standing around speaking to one another while eating, whereas, for an evening or dinner party, youíll need to make sure there are enough seats for everyone.

Try adding blankets and cushions in a circle on the floor to invite guests to sit down, rather than spending money on seats to accommodate everyone.

Dress your garden for the occasion
Be creative while decorating your garden for the event. You want to create a good first impression for guests.

Switch on some decorative lighting to create ambience as the sun starts to set, or place a series of lanterns on decking with long-burn candles inside. Invest in some solar-powered lights that can light up walkways, as an added bonus it doesnít cost anything to run them!

No party is complete without music. Use a Bluetooth portable speaker outside or connect to the TV in your house and play out loud. Create a fun atmosphere with Summer dance tunes or create a relaxed evening with jazz. If you donít want to be constantly in charge of the music, ask someone to help to save you trying to do everything. Your friends are more likely to enjoy the party if you are too!

If you really want to go Ďall outí why not provide fun accessories for guests to wear? Hawaiian flower necklaces or bright pairs of sunglasses would all make good images to post on Instagram!

Have a plan B
Last but not least, itís always good to have a backup plan, in case the good old British weather takes a turn for the worst. Consider where you could put your food and where guests can sit if it rains. A gazebo is always a good emergency option.

Donít let the weather put you off being a host this Summer, as long as youíre prepared, have great food and drinks and fun people to be around, youíre bound to have a great time!

If youíre planning on having people round this Summer, send us your images on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, before you prepare the garden to after, when the guests are round. We love to see them!

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