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Ideal Tenants

It is important that the landlord identifies the type of tenant they are looking to rent their property. At Browns we consider ourselves experts in matching property to tenants. We ensure that both the tenant is happy with the property, and the landlord is comfortable with the tenant. If it is a professional couple or a family you are try to attract, presenting a clean and well maintained property, inside and out, is the best way to attract this audience.

What does your property look like from the outside?

Whilst you might invest in a new coat of paint, no matter how well the interior is presented, you want want your property to be let down by the exterior. It’s important that after consider the inside, you then consider the outside of your property. What would your first impression be? Is the grass cut? Are the windows clean? Does the exterior of the building itself need some paint or cleaning? You only have one chance to make a first impression with a prospective tenant, so make it count.

What to do during a viewing?

What to do during a viewing of your property is probably the most important part of the viewer’s experience whilst visiting your property. The agent or the person showing the viewer around needs to be at the property ready for the viewer to attend, not arriving late! When a prospective tenant enters the property for the first time, make them feel comfortable, introduce yourself and have a chat, this helps set the tone for the property viewing. When you have given someone a tour of your property, it’s a good idea to ask them if they would like to have a look around by themselves, without you. This allows a tenant to get a good feel for the property and to imagine it as their home.

Responding to Feedback

When you have finished showing someone around the property, it is useful to ask them for some feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. As a landlord this is invaluable information, and may help secure the tenancy or help in the next viewing. It helps highlight what people are looking for in a property, and their feedback could be something so simple which could mean the difference between the viewer applying for the property or not.

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